Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave - Belize

Spelunking through a cave where you have to swim to find ancient Mayan skeletal remains is definitely one of the highlights of my trip so far! There are no lights put in place in the cave so the tour guides provide you with a hardhat with a headlight on it. It's about as raw as caving can be with a tour. You are allowed to wear your bathing suit while going through the cave but you must carry your close with you tucked away in your hardhat. They require you to wear clothes when you get to the area of the Mayan rituals took place out of respect for those who died. Definitely something to do if you go to the Cayo district in Belize. And better go quick before they decide to stop allowing tours.

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logankstewart said...

Wow, that is really cool. I live in KY where we have the Mammoth Cave system, but definitely no Mayan skeletons. The pictures on this blog are beautiful, and my wife and I would love to see some of these same things personally.