Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Abandoned Eco-village Xofa

This whole adventure around the world centered around some volunteer and educational work I was planning on doing at the eco-village of Xofa, near the village of Dodi Asantekrom. I received a big disappointment when we arrived there. No one had bothered beforehand to tell me that the eco-village had been abandoned and was in need of repairs and restoration even thought I have been planning this trip for months with one of its founders who now lives in Austin. Apparently, Xofa's management thought they could either do the repairs once I arrived or keep me satisfied with a homestay.

I had arranged for Paul of International Permaculture Services (a company started in Australia) to conduct the permaculture design certification (PDC) course at Dodi, in hopes the people of Dodi could join and might benefit. The secretary and farm manager of Xofa joined us for the course but no one from Dodi. The course took about a week.

During this week, after repeated instances of unreliability and irresponsibility on part of the management/local coordinator of Xofa, I decided it was better that I not stay there and to extend the PDC in the town of Techiman with Paul.

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