Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quality and Maintenance

One way to get to Xofa is by taking a boat from Dodi across the water to Xofa. It's a nice way to get there. The other ways are by road (which is much longer) or trails through the bush. To take a boat however, you would have to convince some local to take you in his boat. I don't know how easy this is normally for a stranger but as I was with the people of Xofa, we did not have a problem.

This does bring to attention the state of repairs of things, not to point "inferiority" but because it reminded me again of how much we have that we don't need and how quickly we throw things into the garbage. Every boat I road in had a leak and was equipped with a bucket for dumping water along the way. It would be great if we could learn to use things until they are truly unuseable. I don't know the exact reason for not repairing the boat...if it was because they didn't have the money, skills or time.

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