Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ghana Transportation

While this was not the normal type of transportation we took, it was for sure one of the more fun ones. while there are buses as public transportation between towns, most often you see shared taxis (a taxi shared by a few people going in the same direction but it only goes on major routes) or mini-vans. These are generally called tro-tros. Depending on your accomodations, a ride in a shared taxi can be the most comfortable seat you experience for a while. This is not necessarily true for the mini-vans. You can pay the shared taxi when you get out. However, the minivan conductor (someone other than the driver) will request payment during the journey. Traveling within a town, they cost about $0.20. Traveling to another town depends on the distance...but for sure cheaper than most westerners are used to paying. Also, taxis and minivans seem to be the cars in need of the most amount of repair. But again a reminder of how much we throw away usable things.

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